Q & A

Frequently asked questions about the nail making ,chain link making etc…


  1. Can one machine make all size nails ?

    In general ,there are several nail making machine models designed for different size of nails ,ie z94-2c for 1-2inch nails ,z94-3c for 1-3 inch nails ,z94-4c for 2-4inch nails etc ,big model can also make small size nails ,however the speed is slower than smaller models and price higher .

    For example ,z94-5c can make 1-5 inch nails ,but its speed is only 220 pcs nails per minute,while for z94-2c ,its speed is 340 pcs/min,so if you use 2c to make 2 inch nails,the output will be almost 1.5 times higher than using 5c to make the 2 inch nails.

    But if your budget is limited in the begining ,you can also use z94-5c to make 1-5 inch nails ,and when you have enough budget ,then add other smaller models in future to get a higher output.

  2. About training , how can we assemble and use this machine ? Will your company provide training for that ?

    About installation, it is simple operation, we have detailed video and English manuals,   all the machine is installed before delivery, so when you receive it, you can connect it to electricity and start it directly.

    About training, we have detailed operation videos ,so after you seeing the videos you can master how to use it easily,if you would like get training in our factory or you want our engineer to your factory for training ,it is also welcome .

  3. How much space and investment to start the nail making business ?

    For small scale ,1-4 inch nails making ,1-2 tons per day output,one workshop of 50 m2 is enough ,and it needs only 1-2 workers to operate ,so this will be a ideal business in Africa. The investment for the machines is around USD 8000-10000.

    For medium scale 1-6 inch nails making,2-5 tons per day output,one workshop of 100-200 m2 is enough ,and it needs 2-3 workers to operate.The investment for the machines is around USD 20000 including the wire drawing system.

    For large scale which more than 10 set nail making machines ,it needs 200-500 m2 workshop ,and 3-5 workers to operate (one skilled worker can operate 5-8 nail making machines at same time).The investment for these machines will be around USD 30000-50000 .