There are several types nail-making technology in the current nail making industries, different nail making machines they have also different design, different structures, and working principles, and different characteristics such as the running speed, the nail size and nail types they can make, this article will show you the  Nail Making Machine Types and Their difference.

What is the difference between wire nails and coil nails? Ordinary wire nails and coil nails have different uses and usages, What are their common features and differences? In terms of appearance: the common feature is that wire nails and coil nails look basically the same, they all have a round nailhead, a diamond nail […]

This nail making machine business reports includes the opportunity for making wire nails, cost to build a wire nail making plant and the profit anlysis of the nail making business.

For all the nails, they are consists of hail head, nail body and the nail tip. There are plenty much nail types for different applications, how to choose the right nails for your use?  What’s the nail type you need for your project? The Length, diameter, galvanized or not, please read the following content then you will know which type you need.

Thread Rolling Machine It is used for thread the nails into different screw type before feeding into the coil nail  collator to be welded into coils. such as ring type or screw type shaft. The advantages of our thread rolling machines: 1. Vibrating plate diameter: 850mm vibrating plate, self-weight 400KG, the side pull double electromagnet […]

This coil nail making machine is automatic welding equipment to weld the nail into roll, then put the coil nails into nail gun and use for export wooden crates, wooden pallets, crates, frames, wooden furniture, wooden houses and other wooden structure of the connection. Staples quickly, saving labor and improve efficiency greatly. Advantages of the […]

Spare parts in nail production line For the wire nails, everyone is familiar. We can see it whenever and wherever. But do you know how to produce the wire nails? And how many spare parts will be needed to produce the wire nails? Today we will introduce the spare parts functions in the process of […]

Uniwin Brand wire drawing machine,  very strong  ! The advantages of the Uniwin brand wire drawing machines: 1, Drums with tungsten spray which enables the drums can last more than 5-10 years. 2, Strong reducer, strong gear, suitable for not only wire for common nail , but also suitable for wire for concrete nails and […]

This is the Chinese version of the National standard YBT5002-93 , if you need english version, pls contact us and we will send to you by email for free. YBT5002-1993 round nails Description (Translated English): Round nails for general uses Sector / Industry: Ferrous Metallurgy Industry Standard (Recommended) Quoted Standard: GB 343; GB 3427 Drafting […]

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