How a wire nail is made?

November 5, 2022

How a wire nail is made? This is a video shows the step-by-step process of how the wire nails are made by our machines: Feed the cold drawing steel wire to the nail-making machine and get straightened by the straightening bearing roller. The flywheel rotates and the steel wire will keep feeding forward, then the […]

Nail Making Machine FAQ

November 4, 2022

Table of Contents What is the raw material used to make nails?What is the price of Z94 nail-making machine?Is nail making business profitable?What is the production output for 1-6 inch nails in 8 hours?Can one nail making machine make all 1-6 inch nails?Which model is the most commonly used?For a newly-built nail making machine factory, […]

Sumary: We can get the answer of wire nail vs concrete nail,the application of them,and how to make them. Wire nails and concrete nails are very common in our life. They are used in many fields. However,we don’t know the difference between them, Today we will find out the answer together. Firstly,let’s learn some knowledge […]

Coil Nails

April 21, 2022

What is coil nails? Coil nails are a type of fastener that is made of wire and then weled into nail coils. The nails will be placed in a nail gun to punch into wood or pallet. It is made from high quality steel with a round head and spiral shank. The thickness of the […]

Wire Nails

April 20, 2022

Table of Contents What is wire nails?The application of wire nailsWire nails standard size chart:Price of wire nails per kg:How a wire nail is made:Packing:Other types of nails: What is wire nails? Wire nails are a kind of common nails, made of low carbon steel wire. It usually have a smooth shaft with a diamond-shaped […]

U Nail Making Machine

March 1, 2022

Introduction of U nail making machine: The U-shaped nail machine is fully automatic machine for making U-shaped nails, which can process the iron wire into the required size of the U-shaped nails. Working Principle of the U nail making machine: The making process for U nails is basically same as making wire nails, the difference […]

There are several types nail-making technology in the current nail making industries, different nail making machines they have also different design, different structures, and working principles, and different characteristics such as the running speed, the nail size and nail types they can make, this article will show you the  Nail Making Machine Types and Their difference.

What is the difference between wire nails and coil nails? Ordinary wire nails (made from steel wire by wire nail making machine)and coil nails (made from wire nails by thread rolling machine and coil nail collator) have different uses and usages, What are their common features and differences? In terms of appearance: the common feature […]

This nail making machine business reports includes the opportunity for making wire nails, cost to build a wire nail making plant and the profit anlysis of the nail making business.

For all the nails, they are consists of hail head, nail body and the nail tip. There are plenty much nail types for different applications, how to choose the right nails for your use?  What’s the nail type you need for your project? The Length, diameter, galvanized or not, please read the following content then you will know which type you need.

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