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What is the difference between wire nails and coil nails? Ordinary wire nails and coil nails have different uses and usages, What are their common features and differences? In terms of appearance: the common feature is that wire nails and coil nails look basically the same, they all have a round nailhead, a diamond nail […]

This nail making machine business reports includes the opportunity for making wire nails, cost to build a wire nail making plant and the profit anlysis of the nail making business.

For all the nails, they are consists of hail head, nail body and the nail tip. There are plenty much nail types for different applications, how to choose the right nails for your use?  What’s the nail type you need for your project? The Length, diameter, galvanized or not, please read the following content then you will know which type you need.

This is the Chinese version of the National standard YBT5002-93 , if you need english version, pls contact us and we will send to you by email for free. YBT5002-1993 round nails Description (Translated English): Round nails for general uses Sector / Industry: Ferrous Metallurgy Industry Standard (Recommended) Quoted Standard: GB 343; GB 3427 Drafting […]

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