Coil nail making machine

Coil Nail Making Machine

The coil nail welding machine,designed for making coil nails from 25-130 mm ,it can weld ring shank ,screw shank or smooth nails into coil nails.

Collated Screw Assembly Machine

Collated Screw Assembly Machine Automatic Screw Assembly Machine Drywall Screw Collating Machine This machine adopts servo drive, PCL control, human-machine interface interaction, which effectively improves assembly accuracy and assembly speed (up to 800 screws per minute, about 16 multi-chain screws)

Thread rolling machine

High speed thread rolling machines designed for coil nails threading.

Copper coated coil nail welding wire

As the most professional coil nail welding wire manufacturer since 2006 in China, we knows how to get the most stable welding wire for coil nails such as tension of the wire needed, copper thickness coated for the wire, how to keep the welding wire not rusty etc.

pneumatic nail gun

Pneumatic nail gun, good helper of the carpenter.