What is the raw material used to make nails?

For different kinds of nails, such as common wire nails, concrete nails, and screw nails, the type of wire used is also different: For wire nails, the most commonly used material is low carbon SAE1008 or SAE 1018 coils in all the world, while some customers also use SAE1026 or even SAE1035 in order to get very strong nails.

For concrete nails, the raw material used is usually #45 or #60 high carbon wire because concrete nails need to go through the process of wire drawing, annealing, nail making, and quenching to make the nails reach a particular strength and be able to nail to hard objects.

To make screw nails, ordinary screw nails are generally made by 08AL, drywall nails C1022, or other 304 stainless steel screws.

What is the price of Z94 nail-making machine?

The FOB price of the z94 nail making machine in US Dollars ranges from around USD 2000 for 1-inch nails to roughly USD 6000 for 6-inch nails. Pls contact us for a detailed quotation for different models including spare parts and all the accessories that essential in the nail production line.

Is nail making business profitable?

Yes, the profit of 1000 kg wire nails is around $40-$60 in different countries. Please see the detailed nail making profit report from below link:

What is the production output for 1-6 inch nails in 8 hours?

Different models can make different nail length, nail diameter and speed, so the output varies from model to model. Here are some models with 8 hours output for reference.

Hourly output calculation method:

Capacity=( speed per minute x 60 minutes x 8 hours)/ (nail quantity per kg)

Z94-5c, Speed 220 pcs/min:

  • 6 inch nails: 4000 kg
  • 5 inch nails: 2000 kg
  • 4 inch nails:1000 kg
  • 3 inch nails: 500 kg

Z94-4c, Speed 260 pcs/min:

  • 4 inch nails:1200 kg
  • 3 inch nails:700 kg
  • 2 inch nails:240 kg

Z94-3c, Speed 320 pcs/min:

  • 3 inch nails: 800 kg
  • 2 inch nails:300 kg

Z94-2c, Speed 340 pcs/min:

  • 2 inch nails: 350 kg
  • 1 inch nails:40 kg

Z94-1C, Speed 450 pcs/min:

  • 1 inch nails: 450*60*8/4130=50 kg

Can one nail making machine make all 1-6 inch nails?

No, to make 1-6 inch nails, you need at least three models, ie, you need one Z94-2C to make 1-2 inch nails, one Z94-4C to make 2-4 inch nails, and one Z94- 5C makes 4-6 inch nails.

Which model is the most commonly used?

The most commonly used model is Z94-4C. The nail making speed of this model is 260 nails per minute. It can make nails of 1-4 inches in length. The maximum nail making diameter is 4.5mm, 2-4 inches. It is the most commonly used and best-selling in the market. If you have just entered the nail industry, you can consider buying a Z94-4C to start production.

For a newly-built nail making machine factory, is it suitable to use a high-speed nail making machine?

At present, more than 90% of the nail making factories in the world use the Z94 series of the traditional type, because this kind of machine is relatively cheap, stable in operation, cheap in accessories, low in operating costs, easy to operate, easy in length and diameter adjustment, In general, length adjustment, can be completed in a few minutes.

In Africa, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, etc., customers prefer nails with big diameters, strong, and not easy to bend. In this case, the Z94 series is the best choice, and the Z94 series nail machine is the ideal type for large-diameter strong nails.

High-speed nail making machines are generally used in European and American countries. Most of them are used to make coil nails which is small in diameter. High-speed type are fast running speed, the speed is 2-3 times higher than that of ordinary nail production machines. However, the price is expensive and the price of accessories is also expensive. High operating costs.

During the operation of the nail making machine, what are the spare parts?

The wearing parts are:

Nail mold: The life span is around 3 months, and different wire diameters require nail molds of corresponding diameters.

Nail cutter: The life span is 1-2 months. Our nail knives are made of tungsten carbide. No need to sharpen the knife every day, so its life span is greatly increased.

Punch: life span: about 6 months. Punch we can make smooth surface, diagonal surface, and punch with letter or logo.

There are other vulnerable parts, such as alloy beads in the wire feed box, oil pipes etc.

Can I use single-phase electricity 220V for nail making machine?

No, because the forming of the nail cap requires punch punching, which requires a lot of power. The single-phase motor has a relatively small force, and so it is not suitable. It needs to use a three-phase industrial electric motor 380V-415V to provide enough power.

What is the minimum equipment needed to make nails?

If you directly buy drawn iron wires, such as cold-drawn wires with diameters of 4.5mm, 3.7mm, and 2.5mm, then you don’t need to buy a wire drawing machine. In this case, you need to buy at least one nail making machine Z94-3C (for 1-3 inch nails)or Z94-4C (for 2-4 inch nails). A pay-off rack and corresponding nail die, nail knife and punch are also needed.

How many workers are needed for the nail making plant?

In general, for a small nail factory, 3-4 workers is enough.

  • For wire drawing machines, 1 worker,
  • For nail making machines, 1 worker,
  • For packaging the nails etc, 1 worker.

For one skilled nail machine operator, one operator can operates 5-10 sets nail making machines at the same time.

What is workshop size needed for the nail making plant?

This depends on how big the nail making plant is, ie the nail machine and wire drawing machine quantity, generally speaking, for a 1-6 inch nail making plant, a size of 200 m2 is ok.

The workshop size can be smaller or bigger depends on the machine quantity.

How can I get my machines to my factory?

When the machine production finished, we will well pack the machines into wooden cases (If deliver by LCL) and fasten it well with thick steel wire into the container (If loading by FCL, 20ft or 40ft container).

Then book ship to the destination port in the customers’ country as requested by the customer, for example, if you are from Kenya, we will book the ship to Mombasa; if you are from Tanzania, we will book the ship to Dar es Salaam, If you are from Saudi Arabia, we will book the ship to Dammam or Jeddah, etc.

After the goods arrive at the destination port, then your clearing agent will clear the goods and arrange the delivery to your factory.

Do you offer second hand nail making machines?

No, we don’t sell second-hand machines.

Due to the quality issues of second hand nail making machines, some of them are new, in very good condition, can work like new machines, however, most of them are very old, already run for many years, and can not work without repaire and changing some main parts such as the connect rods, the nail mould holding box, the steel wire feeding box, the nail tip cutting system, etc.

And the second hand machines usually can not work stable like new machines, for example:

  • After a certain period of time, the nail length will change by itself, and this will make nail length varies too much.
  • Nailhead defect problem.
  • The machine noise becomes big.

Which wire is used for nail making?

The raw material for wire nails making is Q195/SAE1008 low carbon wire, this model wire drawing wire is widely used in every nail making plant all over the world.

What are the payment terms for buying a nail making machine?

We offer several kinds of payment, such as TT, LC, Western Union, and Paypal.

However, the general payment terms is 30% deposit by TT, the 70% balance by TT before delivery or against the copy of BL.

After the machine production is finished, we will send photos and testing videos to our customers.