barbed wire making machine

barbed wire making machine

barbed wire making machine

The barbed wire making machine can make : 1,Normal Double Twisted Barbed Wire 2,Single Twist Barbed Wire 3,Normal and Reverse Barbed Wire


barbed wire making machine

Barbed Wire Machine is designed to make single twist barbed wire or double twist barbed wire. It includes two main parts of wire wrap machine and barbed wire collection machine. Barbed Wire machine is a new type of guard fence and easy operation and high-capacity with low noise. Twisted number and barbed space can be customized according to customer’s requirement. And also it used advanced electronic counting control system to control the output weight.

The materials to make barbed wire : Generally used is the hot -diped eletro-galvanized and PVC coated wire AISI430 and AISI304, PVC-Plated, Low Carbon Steel Wire, Thermo-Plated with Zinc etc.

Barbed wire machine is divided into 3 categories which can make the following 3 kind of barbed wire,ie

1 , Normal double twist barbed wire ,this kind is popular in Middle East, South Africa etc
normal double twist barbed wire
2, Normal and reverse barbed wire ,this kind is popular in Middle East, America,Kenya…
Normal and reverse barbed wire
3, Single twist barbed wire machine,this kind is popular in Middle East, Saudi arab etc
single twist barbed wire

Finished products :

Parameters of the machine:

  • Motor: 3kw
  • Main drive shaft speed: 402 r/min
  • Rated output : 80-120 kg/h
  • Twisted number : 4, 6 pcs
  • Barbed space :76mm(3inch), 102mm(4inch) ,127mm(5inch)
  • Wire diameter: 1.6-2.0 mm
  • Barbed wire diameter :1.8-2.2mm
  • Main machine size: 1800mm×1200mm×1150mm
  • Collection wire machine size : 1200mm×900mm×900mm
  • Total weight: 1500kg

Applications of the barbed wire : Grassland boundary,railways ,highways, forest protection,Industrial and mining enterprises, agricultural,private villas, banks, prisons, airports, etc.

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