wire drawing machine 3 drum

wire drawing machine 3 drum

wire drawing machine

This type wire drawing machines is specically suitable for wire nail making factory and binding wire making factory first stage drawing,suitable for Q195/235,SAE1008/1006 low carbon steel wire.


wire drawing machine 3 drum for making nails

To make nails ,it needs steel wire of diameter 4.5mm,4.1mm,3.7mm,3.4mm,3.1mm,2.8mm etc ,however in the market ,the steel wire is usually 6.5mm/6.0mm/5.5 mm ,soit needs a wire drawing machine to reduce the wire diameter so that they can be feed into the nail making machines. by changing different drawing dies ,you can get any diameter you need for making nails .

Big wire coil before drawing.
6.5 mm wire coil
Small wire coil after drawing.
3.1 mm steel wire

Parameters of the 3 drum wire drawing machines (more drums also available) :

  • Diameter of the drum : 600mm
  • Output :around 1 ton from 6.5-4.5 mm,around 300-400 kg from 4.5-3.0 mm .
  • Motor :15+11+11 +0.75 kw (total 37.75kw)
  • Size :3400 *1100*2250 mm
  • Weight : 2100kg

To see the wire drawing machine testing videos pls click the video tab .

Detailed introduction about our wire drawing machines :

wire drawing machine details

1, Wheel structure makes the wire turns easily and can save motor strength ,better on use and much longer life than the old design.

2,The drum are tungsten carbide coating ,which makes the life time 10 times longer than the common heat treatment ones ,after tungsten carbide coating ,the drum can last at least 2-3 years without fixing , however ,for common heat treatment drums, after 3-6 months ,it needs to fixing the wire grooves by electrowelding.

3,Big 3 gear reducer makes the stable working of the wire drawing machines and no gear oil leakage.

4,We use auto discharing by using a motor instead of the manual discharing ,which greatly increases the drawing efficiency and labor saving.

5,The control cabinets are equipped with convertor ,which can make the motor soft start .

6,We use the Mengniu brand motor ,which is one of the best brand in China . 100% copper wire rotator,more strong motor casing ,all these small details makes the wire drawing machine a long life and easy use.


1,The wire drawing machine in this picture is not finished yet ,it is being testing ,after testing or after drawing for several hours,the drum will become very bright and no rust at all.before delivery,we will add oil on the drum and wrap it with plastic film .

2,This type drawing machines is suitable for 6.5 mm -2.2/1.8 mm steel wire for nail making, if you need smaller diameter such as 0.6mm,0.5mm etc for binding wire ,it needs to use the water tank type wire drawing machines.

Uniwin Wire Drawing Machine Features:

  1. The equipment is mainly composed of main reducer, gear, drum, mold box, regulating wheel frame, wire rack and electrical control system etc.
  2. Water cooling circulation system(optional) is installed inside the equipment to cooling down the temperature of the wire drawing dies and the rotating drawing drum.
  3. Each drawing reel is rotated by Y series motor through gear box, and decelerated according to the cylindrical gear with different speed ratios of two levels, so as to make the reel rotate.The drawing drum is vertical, mounted on the box of the cover, and the gear is lubricated by immersion oil.
  4. Can be used to produce nail wire: diameter max 8mm or diameter 6.5mm inlet, minimum diameter 2mm outlet; Can also be used to produce chain links, gill nets, thorns, barbed wire, Wire drawing of raw materials for steel rope and metal wire mesh.
  5. Suitable for drawing low, medium, high carbon steel wire, also can be used for drawing copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal wire.

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