wire drawing powder

wire drawing powder

wire drawing powder

Wire drawing powder for nail making factories and wire drawing factories. Suitable for Q195/Q235/SAE1008/SAE1006 etc.


Wire drawing powder Introduction:

It is a kind of lubricant powder, widely used in metal wire drawing process, such as low carbon steel wire (Q195/SEA1008/Q235/SEA1006,etc), stainless steel wire, Welding rods, cold heading wire for screw nails making etc. The quality of the wire drawing powder is vital important for wire drawing machine, The composition is mainly Calcium hydroxide(NaOH), lime, water, soap, animal fat, paraffin, octadecanoic acid, talcum powder aund borate etc.It is generally divided into sodium soap and calcium soap. Sodium soap is made by the saponification reaction of fatty acid (oil) and alkali.

  • The saponification reaction of white ash and fatty acid is responsible for calcium soap.
  • The saponification reaction of alkali and fatty acid is responsible for sodium soap.

Also different is the selected drawing powder’s oil content, depending on the drawing process. The higher the oil content, generally speaking, the more expensive the price.

wire drawing powder

  1. How to make the wire drawing powder?

    The composition mainly consists of Calcium hydroxide(NaOH), calcium stearate, Soap, for the detailed formula, pls contact Uniwin Team to get more details.

  2. What is the wire drawing lubricant powder HS code?

    HS Code: 3403190000.

  3. For different application such as nail wire, binding wire, annealed wire, is the wire drawing lubricant powder used same?

    For different application, and for different wire drawing machine types for example the dry pully type wire drawing machine, direct feed straight line wire drawing machine, and for different wire model used for example SAE1008, SAE1030 , the powder model is also different.

During drawing process, the better oiliness of the drawing powder, the better quality, for nail making, the better quality the better lubrication performance, after drawing, the wire color will looks black and shine and duringnail making,the wire will be eash to cut and this can also make nail cutter long lifetime for example 1 month.

If the lubrication is not good,the drawn wire will looks white and it will cost nail cutter break very soon, maybe 1 or 2 days the cutter will break.

Drawn wire pictures using our wire drawing powder for wire nails making:

black drawn wire

Features of Wire Drawing Lubricant:

  1. Dry wire drawing lubricants firmly absorb on wire surface, when the wire pass through the wire drawing dies, which can effectively segregate the two interfaces of the deformed areas.
  2. Lubrication powder is not only can stick on wire surface but also can extend with wire deformation.
  3. Resist high press and high temperature: Under the condition of high press and high temperature in wire drawing process, the wire drawing lubrication powder also keep continuity and lubrication to avoid breaking, coking metamorphic and agglomerate.
  4. The basis elements which consist of the drawing powder don’t react with the steel and will not corrode the steel wire, and also the powder is easy to remove.
  5. Wire drawing powder is safe, no pollution for the environment, harmful to human body, low cost and easy to store.

Shipment and Packages of wire drawing powder:

wire drawing powder shippment 20180110173437
Packaging: 25kg per bags, one ton container can load around 25-27 tons.

As professional nail machine expert, please contact Uniwin Team to select the most suitable wire drawing powder for your wire drawing machines.

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